proposal submitted

Was I not paying attention?  I actually had not submitted the proposal last week.  I finished it today and sent it off.  Major copy/paste activity, both from the sample provided by Dr. N and from my MA project document.

I also spoke with Dr. N this week, confessed my doubts about making any progress on anything before June 13, and he assured me I was doing fine.  My current collection of points amounts to about 84%, so I must be doing something write.

I have a working set of pages on the web, so my prototype will contain snaps of these, as well as simulations of the expected improvements.

I keep thinking Dr. N must have been oversimplifying, or assuming I was filling in the blanks, when he described what I need to do for the project.  I’m having trouble comprehending just how much we’re completing and how much (a lot, I know) of the thesis paper we’re actually leaving blank.  The description in the on-line schedule says “full ADDIE mode,” but other than the major job of the literature review, it seems we’re leaving a lot of blanks unfilled.  I’ll write to him again.


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